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Let me tell you a little story of mine
In the year 1999
A person asked me a question fine
“Can you yourself kill what you dine”?

When I realized my answer was NO,
Eating meat, I simply had to let go…
Just because someone else does the killing for me
How could I possibly remain guilt-free?

I became an eggetarian, so to speak,
“Milk & eggs are fine”, my thoughts I managed to tweak

Another 20 years passed by
Little did I know, I was still living a lie…
I was happy and contended in a way
Truly, “Ignorance is bliss” as they say

God bless that random video I saw
I realised my thinking had a major flaw
It revealed the truth behind our industry of food
And sorry to say, but the news wasn’t any good

The egg was someone’s baby that I was stealing
The milk belonged to a calf that’s now left squealing
The kind of atrocities on mother cows we are doing
If only we could understand their mooing
They would be telling us, “Cant you see?
The milk you are taking is meant for MY baby!”
Drinking other’s milk, is done by no other mammal
What makes us think that we are so special?
We separate the calf from its mother within a day
The cow watches helplessly, because she has no say
With our mighty weapons and electric rods
Who can stop us, eh? We think we are Gods
But of course, we couldn’t be more wrong…
We think that our species is so strong
That all the others must before us kneel
And that we are the only species that can feel
When in fact they all can feel, see, smell and hear
A look in their eyes and anyone can see their fear

I have since then changed to plant-based food
But life unfortunately, isn’t still very good
Earlier the challenge was for me to change
But that came easy, some may find it strange
The real responsibility has started now
To make all aware just exactly how
We have been fed for so long a bunch of lies
And our ears have been shielded from the pitiful cries

Today we can ask for Lord’s mercy
For there are things that we do not see
We can ask for Lord’s forgiveness too
For today we know not what we do,
But it’s unfair to think that staying ignorant is better
Than to try and change what comes on our platter

I urge everyone, let us keep an open mind
Try to be compassionate, try to be kind
Climate change is here, let us not stay blind,
What kind of a world are we leaving behind?

If not for ourselves, let’s do it for our children
Coz we will find no place to hide or run
When just 30 years from now our resources dry out
They will be the ones who will come and cry out
“Why didn’t you morons do anything back then
Was it more precious for you to enjoy your milk and hen
You knew all this was happening and still
You did nothing to stop the kill
You chose to eat to your heart’s fill
And now WE are left to foot the bill”

To change or not remains an individual choice
My only request is to just hear their voice
You might find all this to be a mad man’s rant
But I am only trying to speak for those who can’t.

– Sharang Wartikar

Sharang Wartikar

Professionally an eye surgeon specialised in vitreo-retinal surgery. A fitness enthusiast who loves being with nature. Avid trekker having completed multiple treks in the Sahyadris and the Himalayas. Interests include photography, painting and all kinds of sports. Always eager to help make the world a better place for all.

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