YV CARE is a Project under Discover Urjaa Charitable Trust, an institute registered in Mumbai in 2004. YV CARE started in September 2019 with the intent to create awareness on the impact our lifestyle choices have on the Earth and Earthlings.

YV CARE inspires living in a manner where our actions cause minimal damage. Our aim is to create awareness about the lifestyle choices we make individually and its direct effect on our Health, the Environment and Earthlings.






The intent behind starting YV CARE is creating a lifestyle that resonates with our core values; causing minimal harm to the planet and those who share it with us. YV CARE as a community promotes the habit of consuming only what is required and as far as possible living a cruelty-free and compassionate lifestyle.

YV CARE aims to contribute in creating a more humane world – where we question our actions without blindly following tradition or culture for the greater good of mankind, animals and the environment.


A Team of dynamic individuals whose values and ethics align with creating a sustainable world for all Earthlings.


A Community of like-minded individuals willing to make cruelty-free choices in their lives and embracing new beginnings that align with their true values – Compassion, Freedom, Equality, Love, Responsibility. As a community we encourage each other in this journey of living a cruelty-free life; Sharing our experiences and supporting each other in a holistic and compassionate way of living.


In a world where you can be anything, Be Kind!

Through our workshop “We Are Earthlings”, we look at the impact of our choices and learn to adopt a cruelty-free lifestyle which resonates with our core values. Creating awareness on living harmoniously with all who inhabit this Earth with us.

We conduct custom designed workshops for Corporates, Colleges, NGO’s and Communities as well. Our weekly workshops are free of cost and include plant-based meal and snacks. The meal provided proves that we can eat healthy, tasty and a variety of animal cruelty free food.


Creates awareness on the impact of our lifestyle choices on the planet.

A space to –

  • Explore our connect with the natural world.
  • Introspect within on our behaviour, habits and its influence on climate change.
  • Question traditional beliefs and cultures
  • Align our beliefs and values with our actions.


Besides the ‘We Are Earthlings’ workshops conducted every week, we have our series of videos on our YouTube channel YV CARE to spread awareness to the masses. Our future projects include making short films that align with our goal to create awareness and a sustainable future.