When You Feel, You Change; and the right words can make you feel which in turn changes you.

Asif, an ambitious writer and ideator, shows his compassion for earth and earthlings through his script writing for videos. When asked, Asif considers himself very fortunate, as he is simply doing what he loves.


Latika is passionate about the environment and dedicates her time for beach clean-up activities.

Latika coordinates all Events and handles some social media activity. Her goal in life is sustainable living and setting all animals free from human abuse and injustice. Latika believes in love and empathy. She loves nature and enjoys her beautiful walks amidst nature.


Paritosh is the batman of all things Internet. He manages the Social Media for YV CARE.

All the way from Uttarakhand, Paritosh can also be found giving football and MMA teamwork anecdotes for real-life problems. He loves travelling.


Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.

Shubham believes in creativity and his skills in cinematography and video editing. Shubham helps create a compassionate world for earth and earthlings; through his love for video making, he creates an impact on each of our inner world.


Vanessa loves nature, reading, travelling and spending time with family.

Passionate about health and conscious living, she also enjoys being creative and sharing simple vegan recipes to inspire others on the simplicity of plant-based living.


A dynamic, motivated and compassionate being; Vignesh advocates living a lifestyle that resonates with our true values.

Vignesh is full of positive energy and is passionate about the cause. His energy motivates others to give their best always, which makes him excellent at leading and guiding the team. He believes in continuously learning and improving. Vignesh is an Animal lover and a fitness enthusiast; he loves reading and watching movies.


In a world where you can be anything, Be Kind. A kind, loving and helpful person with high empathy.

Yvonne loves creative work. Freedom, Equality and Love are her core values. She is passionate about living life on her terms and follows her heart. She loves taking pictures of nature and vegan food. She tries hard to be minimalist in her way of life and has reduced her carbon footprint by going vegan.