Contribution by Readers

Contribution by Readers

Our Mother’s Wish:-

When close she is, just feel the warm Sitting or standing, always calm. She loves you, said her charm But she never knew, only you’ll harm.

Not something, for being in plate I have a family, I too have mates. Set me free, not through slay You can’t hear me, but I pray.

Born, we are all from different mothers She treats you like we are brothers. But why did you slit her throat? Is Your heart  already cold?

The Last/Lost Soul:-

My wedding, your death Inviting you for the guest Come along with your friends,
You’ll be cooked in the latest trends.

Come prepared, we’ll be well dressed To tear apart your juicy breast. The happiest moments are happening here Why your bloody face is in despair?

> Parth – Punjab


Vegans are deadly combination of beauty and brains, friends they’re damn punctual. They attend activism during heavy rains. They are less of activists more of a friend, In this way they started a new trend which will never ends. Deeply involving non-vegans in every topic, Thus refraining from making them sick.

They love to teach anyone of any age, Caring a damn about their wage. Oh VEGANS! We really love you, Vegans like you are really few. May you live long and long, Going on and on like a sweet song.

> Sanjay Rathore – Madhya Pradesh