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by Chetran's

Chetrans Soya Shrikhand is a Dairy free Shrikhand with dry fruit.Chetrans Soya Shrikhand is made from Chetrans Soya Curd Dahee which is made from Chetrans Dairy free soyamilk.Chetrans Soyamilk is made on a world class fully automatic Japanese soyamilk factory, the first in South Asia, that is automated to ensure optimal soya protein bioavailabiolity and enzyme (soyabean trysin inhibitor) destruction.

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Chetran Foods Private Limited, based out of Pune, India, offers GREAT TASTING Tofu and soymilk based foods specifically tweaked to suit the Indian palette and Indian cuisine. Softer, juicier tofu! Non-beany soymilk! Light soya bread spreads! And plenty of other items as well.

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