Chetran’s- Classic Mayo

by Chetran's

Chetrans Soya Spreads fall in the category of what is internationally called “Virtually fat Free Spreads”. Chetrans Soya spreads are “Virtually fat free as well as 100% cholesterol free.” Chetrans Soya Chutneys are Very low fat as they contain “NO ADDED OIL”

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1)  As a dip – With chips, salads, etc.

2)   As a lean salad dressing

3)   As a breadspread substituting butter – Try Chetrans Garlic Spread with a tomato cucumber sandwich.

4)   With subzi and roti – Try Chetrans Soya Pudina Spread.

There are other options available on their website.

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Chetran Foods Private Limited, based out of Pune, India, offers GREAT TASTING Tofu and soymilk based foods specifically tweaked to suit the Indian palette and Indian cuisine. Softer, juicier tofu! Non-beany soymilk! Light soya bread spreads! And plenty of other items as well.