Veganism is an ethical principle based on 2 premises:

  1. Pain is bad.

Therefore, causing pain to animals is wrong (because they can feel pain)

  1. The slavery of sentient beings is wrong.

Therefore, buying, using, or selling animals is wrong (because they are sentient beings – ‘someone’, not ‘something’)

Because animals are sentient individuals with innate personhood, veganism advocates against viewing them as our property or commodity, and committing atrocities on them as follows:

  • buying/ consuming animal secretions, body parts, etc.

e.g. animal breast milk (“milk”), eggs, flesh (“meat”), skin (“leather”), silk, honey, etc.

  • torturing or murdering animals

e.g. farming (using) animals, animal testing, hunting, zoos/aquariums, fishing

  • buying/selling animals

e.g. farming, ‘pet’ stores (pedigree dogs, fishes, birds), “service animals”

All of the above:

  1. Cause pain to animals
  2. Violate their right to be free (not be our slaves – existing only to serve us)

Important to remember:

Animals are bred into life via forcible impregnation so that we can enslave, torture, and slaughter them and their children for our personal gain (taste pleasure, financial profit, fashion/cosmetics, companionship, etc.). Then, they are killed when they are worth more to us dead than alive. Animals who would have been better off not being born.

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