Vvegano – So Good Almond Milk Unsweetened 200 Ml Tp

by Vvegano

So Good Unsweetened Almond Milk is a unique formulation which extracts milk from finest almonds. So Good Almond Milk is a plant- based milk and has no gluten or lactose in it. Moreover, it is cholesterol- free and is fortified with vitamins. Almond Milk is high in calcium and vitamin B2, B12 and vitamin D which is great for your bones and skin. A low calorie product, it has almost 50% lower calories than regular dairy milk. So Good Almond milk comes with no preservatives and has no added colours.

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The first thing on our minds would always be to ensure products are vegan. However, in the unfortunate event that this happens, we encourage the consumer to bring it to our attention, and we will investigate and take appropriate steps. However, as stated earlier, we would like to ensure MINIMUM damage to the environment, where NO damage may not be possible.