Chetrans- Soya Snax

by Chetran's

Adapted from a Japanese concept for Weight watchers and Diabetics, Soya Snax contain Okara (soya fibre basically), whole wheat flour (not maida!), refined soybean oil,  and jeera—NO SUGAR !

The fibrous residue called ‘Okara’, obtained  as a byproduct of soymilk is very rich in fibre (both soluble and insoluble fibre)and protein, yet contains less carbohydrate and fat. In addition, okara is 100% vegetarian and cholesterol free.

Traditionally Okara based products have been an Oriental Diet Secret. When Okara bran is consumed along with any fluid, it expands in the stomach to many times its size giving the person a “full” feeling and killing appetite.

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1) Rich in protein  – Growing children, pregnant mothers and older people need to consume protein rich foods

2) cholesterol free and low in saturated fats – People with blood pressure and heart trouble look to this

3) lean in simple carbohydrates yet rich in soluble fibre – Focus for diabetics and weight watch

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Chetran Foods Private Limited, based out of Pune, India, offers GREAT TASTING Tofu and soymilk based foods specifically tweaked to suit the Indian palette and Indian cuisine. Softer, juicier tofu! Non-beany soymilk! Light soya bread spreads! And plenty of other items as well.