Vezlay-Soya Chikka Biryani

by Vezlay

The recipe of biryani was derived from the Mughal culture. Now Vezlay foods brings delicious taste of Soya Biryani the fabulous combination of Soya and Rice cooked in a pot on very slow flame(Dum cooking), which can easily be prepared, among the ingredient, saffron and mint leaves create the magic for you. Superb for parties,functions & get together.

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1) Heat in Microwave

Remove Soya Biryani from the packet then put it in microwave and heat until fully hot.

2) Heat in Pan

Remove Soya Biryani from the packet and then put the Soya Biryani into a pan and heat on medium flame until it is fully hot. Now it is ready to serve.


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Vezlay Foods Pvt. Ltd. Is Formed To Provide The Nutritious, Healthy And Delicious Vegetarian Foods In Hygienic And Cost-Effective Manner. Soya Products Market In India Is Very Big And We Are One Of The First Organisation To Introduce Soya Food On Non-Veg Texture as we are one of the leading soya product suppliers in India. We Have Very Innovative Ready To Eat Food Products Made Of Soya, Which Have Texture Same As Non-Veg. Most Of Our Valuable Products Are First Time In India. Vezlay soya foods are foods containing rich proteins, rich dietary fiber, good sources of calcium and low cholesterol level. Vezlay is one of the best soya product suppliers in India.