O’Greens-Pistachio Moringa (pack of 6)

by O'Greens

When you take your first bite of this crunchy treat, you’ll refuse to believe that something so delicious could also be so healthy. How healthy, you ask? For starters, that sweetness wafting around your palette doesn’t actually come from any form of refined sugar. Instead, that flavour is the result of all-natural organic dates. Moringa and saffron, two of the most luxurious ingredients, add in their hint of flavour.In fact, this artisanal bar is so natural, so healthy, so full of spiritual goodness, that it will even lift your mood, refresh your mind and leave your spirit rejuvenated.

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Our founder set the ball rolling, and the rest of us followed, all artisanal guns blazing. We had one simple yet Herculean goal when we began — to craft health food which was not only packed with the most nutritionally rich, organic and 100% natural ingredients, but was also more delicious and flavourful than anything else available on the market.