Peepal Farm-Homemade Tofu

by Peepal Farm Products

Looking for a healthy alternative to paneer with the same great taste??.Tofu has zero cholesterol, is loaded with protein, and free from harmful hormones and adulterants. You can flavor and cook your tofu in the same exact way you would prepare your paneer. The best part about our homemade tofu is that it’s drained of almost all the water so it absorbs flavors and spices beautifully. Plus, store bought tofu can be more rubbery while homemade tofu is smooth and creamy, similar to paneer.

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Peepal Farm Products

We started making and selling homemade products to get the word out about our project. The idea was to get our name, and message in front of people who are conscious about what they are eating, but not necessarily about the plight of animals.

Gradually, "Peepal Farm Products" took a life of its own, and became important in its own right as it helped us give employment to the girls in the village.
Now, Peepal Farm Products is a big contributor towards making Peepal Farm financially sustainable.