Peepal Farm-Gluten-Free Vegan Muesli

by Peepal Farm Products

It is really difficult to find vegan muesli as most of them contain honey. What is even more difficult is the availability of muesli for vegans who are allergic to gluten. What are the odds of finding a gluten free vegan muesli?! It is unfair and we absolutely had to prepare it. Enjoy the benefits of the nutritious amaranth as it substitutes the usual rolled oats in this power packed breakfast item. Enjoy the traditional way with fruits and almond milk, or stock it for those midday munching cravings!

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Peepal Farm Products

We started making and selling homemade products to get the word out about our project. The idea was to get our name, and message in front of people who are conscious about what they are eating, but not necessarily about the plight of animals.

Gradually, "Peepal Farm Products" took a life of its own, and became important in its own right as it helped us give employment to the girls in the village.
Now, Peepal Farm Products is a big contributor towards making Peepal Farm financially sustainable.