Blue Tribe-Plant Based “Chicken” Nuggets (250g)

by Blue Tribe

100% vegetarian plant based “Chicken” nuggets that tastes exactly like Chicken!These Frozen plant-based chicken nuggets are the perfect snack! Just deep fry them, air fry them or pop them in the oven. They taste great and are planet friendly too! Our nuggets are made of Soya and Peas, without GMOs, antibiotics, hormones or steroids. Get your intake of protein with no cholesterol and low sodium!

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Cooks exactly like Chicken Nuggets

1.  Simply Remove Packaging & Cook From Frozen
2.  Pre-heat oil in a pan OR apply oil with brush to nuggets for Air Frying
3.  Fry nuggets in oil on medium heat for 2-3 minutes until golden brown.

Each pack contains 12-13 NuggetsP

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Blue Tribe

We, at Blue Tribe, are on a mission to reinvent how the world eats their meat! We know that technology can provide meat from sustainable plant-based sources that is every bit as natural and delicious while also being gentle on the environment and the planet. We aim to build a community that is aware of the impact that the animal supply chain has on the environment and consciously chooses to replace animals from the food supply chain, once and for all. A community that makes positive changes for the health of not only itself, but of our little blue planet as a whole.