Ami- Dog MINI Vegetarian (Vegan) Food 4kg- for Small Size Adult Dogs

by Ami Pet Food

Ami Dog MINI is a complete small sized kibble vegan dog food from Italy specially designed for small size adult dogs, suitable for all breeds, including young dogs. It derives its protein from corn, rice, and potato, which provide all the amino acids required for maintaining healthy muscles, bones, and organs.

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★ 100% plant-based
★ Wheat-free Recipe
★ Soy-free Recipe
★ No Artificial Preservatives or Colouring
★ Imported from Italy.

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Ami Pet Food

Working with Amì means to cooperate in an eco-friendly way, with slow and sustainable development strategies in harmony with the planet. Choose our products means to buy consciously but also care for our animals health, to pursue a lifestyle that respects the environment.

Amì recipes are 100% plant based. The company works in respect of eco-sustainability.
A daily choice that respects nature and human beings.