Tendo- Walnut Milk Original Unsweetened – 330ml

by Tendo

Walnut is the best source plant based Omega—3 and it acts as a super brainy food and it Stimulates the brain funtion.
Antioxidants present in it reduces the risk of many diseases. It improves bone health,heart funtion, and skin texture.
Available in best handling size 330 ml.
Alter our dairy use in a healthy way.This nut based mylk is preservative free,sugar free and vegan friendly.


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Being the proud owner of a Coconut grove, my Grandfather took pride in selling Tender Coconut Water in our village and gave away the same to small children who would crave for it. I was no exception in tasting this mouthwatering drink. My Grandfather very often used to tell me stories and experiences he faced with this one special drink. A few things that my GRANDFATHER mentioned about this was that it IMPROVES METABOLISM, REDUCES WEIGHT and TONES YOUR SKIN.