The work shop was an eye opener for me as i got to know how I was indirectly effecting the animal survival, my planet and my health too because of my Animal Product consumption. I got to know how they are all interlinked. how milk and milk products are made by exploiting, torturing and abusing animals in scary and painful ways. The exposure to the animal abusing links showed by them exposed the truth behind the huge profit making animal farming industry. How man due to his greed for money was using dumb, innocent and friendly animals as objects without Compassion, Love and Empathy.

I found myself crying watching them getting slaughtered, mercilessly in front of my eyes. Animals were dragged, cut, beaten, kicked, punched – big, small and babies too.

I found out how my eating meat was in a way helping their industry grow and get the animal s killed…. I stopped eating chicken,eggs, fish and sea food the very next day of my work shop.

I am grateful to the Facilitator “Vignesh Manjeshwar” and his wonderful workshop as it stopped me from continuing this Henious crime.
Veganism is a lifestyle which all the Humanity must adapt…..