The Earthlings workshop was an eye-opener in more ways than one.

It not only exposes (through graphic videos) the ugly side of animal agriculture which the business lobby works proactively to keep under wraps but also the adverse effects that consuming animal based foods ( milk / eggs / meat / fish ) have on our health. The health benefits of eating a plant-based diet were also well researched and adequately substantiated. The scariest part was when we were presented with the data that shows the undeniable link between animal agriculture and Climate Emergency. It was easy to see how each one’s daily meal can be redesigned to (vegan) save the human race from the Sixth Mass Extinction.

However, one may read up all this information from the net but it may not strike the right chords; but Vignesh puts it all in perspective by starting the session with a sneak peek in our Values and Belief systems which are instrumental in causing certain behaviours. Armed with his training in Behavioural Sciences, he is able to induce his audiences to introspect and discover the cause of discord between one’s values / beliefs on one hand and actions on the other. If used actively in ones lifestyle to ensure ‘harmony between thought, word and deed’ it can fill one’s existence with joy, peace and real prosperity.

I believe Animals are Citizens of this Planet and all we need to do is extend the laws and norms of the civil society to them as well and Veganism would then either become a norm or irrelevant!