When I went to the workshop I had no idea about the cruelty tag attached to the dairy and poultry industry, what was saddening to know that I am big part of this industry where I take the milk of the new born calf and give it to my children leaving the young calf to a tortureous death same goes with the eggs and its no longer healthy to eat “Roj kao ande”. more the need to supply for the demand more the torture for these hapless creatures of this universe…The Australian bush fire which was predicted long back , one of the reason was animal agriculture, with the advent of 2020 we will see the world sit up and take more precautionary measure to curb animal agriculture and all related cruelty attached to the animal kingdom…what Vignesh , Vanessa and Yvonne are doing week after week to educate the lay people the devastating effects of our life style where we lay so much importance on the dairy and egg for our health a glorious myth…these same nourishment can be had without harming these speechless and harmless creatures of our environment, their hard work.is gaining momentum slowly but surely for this generation and a more educated and aware generation coming forth..Thank You.