Marshmelts -Assorted Fruit Flavour Veg Marshmallow

by Marshmelts

  • Unhurriedly Made, Soft and Mildly Flavoured Cubes of Marshmallow
  • 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free Confections. Preservative Free for your good health. No Pig Fat, No Animal Fat and No Gelatine. Mindful of Body & Earth
  • Ready to eat out of Pack, Sprinkle on top of Cold Coffee & Hot Chocolate. Use for Baking, Fondants, Cookies and so many more
  • Great to Roast over a Camp fire or Low Flame and Sandwich it between two biscuits and a slab of chocolate. Yummy S’mores
  • A Family Treat for All to Snack, in Deliciously Heavenly Melt in Mouth Flavours

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Who doesn’t love a scrumptious bowl of a dessert? Just the thought of ice-cream, marshmallows, strawberry, orange and vanilla flirtatiously teasing your palette in-between innumerable fruity flavors gives goosebumps.

Have you experienced a bad day and just a packet full of delicious marshmallows could repair all the day's stress? Well, for all the marshmallow lovers out there, Marshmelts’ marshmallows are an absolute delight for you all! Born out of the sheer love and passion of offering fresh and delicious gourmet marshmallows to the discerning clients of India, they bring you fresh products made using the best ingredients and under highest quality standards.