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Iba 99.9% Germ Protect Hand Sanitizer

by Iba

Why We Love it!

Contains WHO-recommended and Halal India approved IPA sanitizing disinfectant to instantly kill infectious virus and bacteria without water 

Key Features:

  • Gel-based IPA formula instantly and effectively kills infectious virus and bacteria. This prevents transferring of infection and protects you from illness
  • 67% IPA (Halal Certified Isopropyl Alcohol) used in this formula does not contain Ethyl Alcohol

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How to apply?

Squeeze coin-size hand sanitizer onto palm. Rub vigorously with the adequate amount on palms, in-between fingers, thumbs, nails, and back of hands till they are dry. Do not use soap or water.

Additional information

Product Brand


Iba is India’s first and widest range of Halal Certified and Vegan beauty products. All Iba products are free of alcohol, pig fat, other animal-derived ingredients and harsh chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, ammonia and bleaching agents.
Experience a new range of beauty products using potent natural actives and purest ingredients that offer pure beauty with assured efficacy