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by Emkay

EMKAY INSTANT SOY MILK POWDER Specially made for vegan milk option. If you like to drink direct milk, this is very good choice. You can make tea, coffee, curd, desserts etc.

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1) Just add 5 gram powder into 100ml water, mix and boil. And then Enjoy. Add sugar if need sweetened

2)You can make tea, coffee, curd, desserts etc. NON GMO, GLUTEN FREE. per 100 gram, 45 g Protein, Sugar 0, Trans Fat 0, Cholesterol 0

There are more options available on their website


Additional information

Product Brand


Emkay Food Products Believes in Ethics and Truthfulness Which Reflects The Same in All Emkay Products. Emkay Vegan Ghee, Sugar & Dairy Free Tea, Coffee & Milk Powder. Founded by Mr Mukund Parmar in 1996, Emkay Food products has made it it's mission to provide the Indian consumer with healthy, crueltyfree, vegan dairy alternatives.

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