Arata Anti-Dandruff Hair Tonic

by Arata

Our Anti-Dandruff Hair Tonic provides deep-rooted nourishment from root to tip. The formula is powered by CutiBiome CLR™ to regulate your scalp’s microbiome and fight dandruff effectively. Suitable for all hair types, Its ingredients–neem, fenugreek, witch hazel, and tea tree oil reduce scalp itchiness, oiliness, and redness. The formula hydrates and moisturizes each strand, giving you lush revitalized locks.

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One evening in January 2016, Bhasin decided to use his mother's homemade hair gel recipe to style his hair for Madhok's wedding celebration. When Madhok asked Bhasin if he was concerned about hair fall or whitening from the excessive use of hair gel, Bhasin responded that his hair gel was 100% natural and made with organic flaxseeds.