Peepal Farm-Vegan Snack

by Peepal Farm Products

Mid meal cravings? Here’s a healthy alternative to packaged, processed food meeting your needs – a fresh and homemade, vegan snack. Crunch up your evening tea or maybe add some variety to that late night snack, without feeling guilty. Loaded with the nutritional value of peanuts, raisins, and flat rice, this snack is a sure way to binge guilt free into snack time!


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Peepal Farm Products

We started making and selling homemade products to get the word out about our project. The idea was to get our name, and message in front of people who are conscious about what they are eating, but not necessarily about the plight of animals.

Gradually, "Peepal Farm Products" took a life of its own, and became important in its own right as it helped us give employment to the girls in the village.
Now, Peepal Farm Products is a big contributor towards making Peepal Farm financially sustainable.