Vedaearth- Pain Relief Oil

by Vedaearth

This Pain Relief Oil is our natural remedy for sore muscles, tensions, swelling, spasms and aches. This powerful tonic is infused with nature’s resilient ingredients Cypress and Wintergreen, which contain powerful analgesic and antispasmodic properties. This therapeutic oil is perfect for relieving pains in the neck, shoulder, back, joints and especially known to relieve menstrual cramps.

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Roll-on the Pain Relief Oil onto the affected area and massage massage. Use 2-3 times a day for best results. For Relief from menstrual cramps, apply on the lower abdomen and lower back at every 3 hour intervals.

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Vedaearth, a brand that works intimately with nature, draws inspiration from Lotus, the Flower of Rebirth. Sacred to the Buddhist and Egyptian culture, native to India, the Lotus is symbolic to self-awakening, to be born again. Our logo, the White Lotus flower, is a representation of purity, enlightenment, eternal beauty and the potential to become perfect. It signifies our closeness to nature, our dedication to self-care. The healing, celestial sacredness of the Lotus is closely connected to its meaning of Rebirth and Resurrection. The resilient Lotus, best symbolizes Vedaearth; rooted in earth to produce the best of natural beauty.