Vedaearth- Chamomile Geranium Soap

by Vedaearth

This Chamomile Geranium Soap infused with Shea Butter, is the self-care essential to moisturize, condition and heal the skin. The sweet, gentle scent of nature’s aromatic ingredient Chamomile guarantees a calming, therapeutic bath experience leaving your skin relaxed and fresh.

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Pair with our Refreshing Face with Lemon & rosemary  wash for a soft, supple and oil free face.

Use our Moisturising Face wash with Coconut Milk and Lavender if you have sensitive/ dry skin.

Use our Clarifying Face wash with Neem and Tea Tree  if you have acne prone/ Oily skin.

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Vedaearth, a brand that works intimately with nature, draws inspiration from Lotus, the Flower of Rebirth. Sacred to the Buddhist and Egyptian culture, native to India, the Lotus is symbolic to self-awakening, to be born again. Our logo, the White Lotus flower, is a representation of purity, enlightenment, eternal beauty and the potential to become perfect. It signifies our closeness to nature, our dedication to self-care. The healing, celestial sacredness of the Lotus is closely connected to its meaning of Rebirth and Resurrection. The resilient Lotus, best symbolizes Vedaearth; rooted in earth to produce the best of natural beauty.