Goodot-Thai Green Curry

by Good Dot

GoodDot Thai Green Curry has the aromatic flavors of Thai basil. lemongrass and galangal in our super-secret green curry paste. A lovely balance of flavors in a smooth gravy, with baby corn and our innovative plant-based protein bites, characterize this fantastic creation. Go ahead, experience Thailand like never before!

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We can’t take you to Thailand, but we have brought Thailand to you – really, our curries are made in Thailand! GoodDot brings authentic Thai flavours in a convenient ready-to-eat format. With carefully selected traditional ingredients, combined with cutting-edge plant-based protein bites, our 100% vegetarian (actually, Vegan) Thai curries are sure to sweep you off your feet

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Product Brand

Good Dot

Good Dot was born when a group of friends decided to come together for a common cause.
They wanted to make the world a more humane place for animals.
Having witnessed the unbelievable cruelty involved in animal agriculture, they decided to create a solution that was good for all.
The GoodDot team believes that the main reason why most people eat meat is its taste. If a plant-based product could be created which not only tasted like meat but was an ethical, healthier, and environmentally sustainable alternative to animal meat, people would happily make the switch.