Tendo- Almond Milk Original Unsweetened

by Tendo

Tendo almond milk are extracted from good quality almonds and it is rich in vitamin-E which makes magic on skin and hair.Its rich in Vitamin A also.it improves our eyesight.
This is unsweetened ,plant based mylk.
This is low calorie and dairy free , lactose free and preservative free milk.Suitable for vegans.

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Being the proud owner of a Coconut grove, my Grandfather took pride in selling Tender Coconut Water in our village and gave away the same to small children who would crave for it. I was no exception in tasting this mouthwatering drink. My Grandfather very often used to tell me stories and experiences he faced with this one special drink. A few things that my GRANDFATHER mentioned about this was that it IMPROVES METABOLISM, REDUCES WEIGHT and TONES YOUR SKIN.