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This whole food is the easiest way to give your body a multivitamin, nutrient-dense dose of natural energy.Supergreens fuel your body with natural Vitamin C and antioxidants that promote a healthy detoxification and strengthen the immune function.Provides the daily dose of probiotics that your body needs for enhanced nourishment and digestive support.

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1) Take one scoop of the Supergreens Powder and add it to the Plix Shaker

2) Add 300ml of water. Mix it well for 15-20 seconds

3) Enjoy your delicious drink!






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We’re here for those who dig in, who persevere, who give it everything and make the hard work count. That’s us, and that’s who we create for. It’s not about breaking records or finishing first; it’s about effort. Personal bests. We want to be there next to you, fueling you with real, plant-based food ingredients that help you live like you mean it.