Urban Platter-Special Dark Cocoa Powder, 1Kg

by Urban Platter


Pure roasted cocoa beans — with most of the fat removed — ground to a fine powder. With all of the flavor but a fraction of the fat, cocoa powder is essentially a concentrated form of cocoa beans: it is bitter and strong. Since cocoa beans are naturally tart and acidic (characteristics that provide fruitiness and complexity in the best chocolates and harshness in chocolates of lesser quality), these characteristics are accentuated in cocoa powder. The best natural cocoa retains the true flavors and complexity of the cocoa bean.

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1)Urban Platter Special Dark Cocoa Powder, 850g [All Natural, Unsweetened, Vegan & Gluten-Free]

2) Lighter in colour than normal Cocoa Powder, but deep and intense in flavour. Highly recommended for health-conscious consumers.

3) Naturally rich in anti-oxidants and contains more anti-oxidants than normal Cocoa. Ideal for baking into dishes and making chocolate-flavoured goodies.

4) Make delicious cookies, cakes, chocolates or even granola bars with this!

5) Urban Platter – Simply Good Food! 🙂

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Urban Platter

Urban Platter’s mission is to be the ingredients provider you need for health, diet or culinary choice you seek. We believe that good quality of ingredients unlock opportunities for our customers to enjoy guilt-free, specific diets or cuisine of their choice and lead better lives.

We also strongly believe that a plant-based diet is good for you, the planet and animals. Our robust portfolio of dairy-alternatives has given us a way forward to innovate heavily in this space. We want to be your everyday Dairy provider, powered by plants.