Vezlay-Soya Vegget

by Vezlay

Soya Vegget Is A Basic Veg-Stuff To Prepare The Multiple Dishes As Per Your Choice. Prepare The Gravy According To Your Favorite’s Recipe And Add The Soaked Soya Vegget To Get Nutritious And Delicious Curries. Soya Vegget Can Be Mixed With The Multiple Food-Stuff As Per Your Taste And Likes. You Can Prepare Different Verities Of Dishes Like Chinese, Indian, Continental, Italian Etc.

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1) Soak 100 Gram of Soya Vegget In 1 Liter Hot Water For 8-10 Minutes Approx. (Till Its Becomes Soft)

2) Drain The Water And Squeeze The Soya Vegget Properly

3) Now Soya Vegget Is Ready To the Cooked. You Can Prepare Different Recipes By Putting The Soaked Soya Vegget With Green Peas, Potato, Capsicum Or Mixed Vegetables.

4) You Can Also Prepare Tea Time Snack By Stir Frying It With Adding Salt, Lemon Juice And Chilli Powder

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Vezlay Foods Pvt. Ltd. Is Formed To Provide The Nutritious, Healthy And Delicious Vegetarian Foods In Hygienic And Cost-Effective Manner. Soya Products Market In India Is Very Big And We Are One Of The First Organisation To Introduce Soya Food On Non-Veg Texture as we are one of the leading soya product suppliers in India. We Have Very Innovative Ready To Eat Food Products Made Of Soya, Which Have Texture Same As Non-Veg. Most Of Our Valuable Products Are First Time In India. Vezlay soya foods are foods containing rich proteins, rich dietary fiber, good sources of calcium and low cholesterol level. Vezlay is one of the best soya product suppliers in India.