PureCult® Eco-Friendly Floor Cleaner With Geranium & Lavender Essential Oil

by Purecult

A biodegradable blend powered by natural anti-microbial agent and essential oils, this no rinse formulation will work to disinfect as it cleans your floors. Works well on marble, tiles, sealed hardwood and laminate floors. A refreshing and calming blend of Geranium and Lavender essential oils will turn mopping into a fragrant garden stroll!

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Our mission is to encourage each person to keep their home spotlessly clean, in a manner that helps nature instead of harming it more. We strongly believe that bringing in change requires more responsibility. Every bit of toxin that doesn’t enter the water bodies – lakes, rivers, and oceans – is a step in the right direction. And this change has to begin from within everyone's homes and workplaces.