Plum- NaturStudio Easy-Going Makeup Remover

by Plum


Bi-phasic. bye makeup! crafted with the cleansing properties of oil and water-based do-gooders. say hi to a safe, gentle and silicone-free makeup remover that smoothly removes the most steadfast of eye, lip and face makeup. It’s time to experience ease minus the grease!

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1- Bi-Phasic makeup remover for that cleanses makeup in a asingle swipe
2- Non-greasy, non-comedogenic formula
3- Silicone-free, gentle & moisturizing

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Plum is the country’s first 100% natural brand of cosmetics that believes in “being good” to your skin, to your senses and your surroundings. Their extensive range of skin, body, hair care along with world-class makeup products are all made of natural ingredients. Moreover, to cater to everyone’s needs, there are Plum products for all skin types!
All Plum products online are packaged without using non-recyclable plastics such as PVC, SAN and ABS. But the business philosophy that sets them apart is that fact that all their products are 100 % cruelty-free. This means that the products are not tested on animals. The product developers at Plum are hell-bent on ensuring that no animals are harmed while crafting the best products for you. For this, no animal-derived ingredients are used. They are a PETA certified brand who are dedicated to bringing you cosmetics made with the best nature has to offer, without harming the environment.