OZiva Superfood Greens & Herbs for Acne & Detox

by OZiva

OZiva Superfood Greens & Herbs is India’s First Blend of 35+ Superfoods, Greens and Ayurvedic Herbs. It is a Plant based Herbal drink which improves Overall Immunity, Digestion, Detoxifies the body, boosts Brain & Heart health, increases Energy

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Superfood Greens & Herbs is a mix of 6 Health Blends which have 35+ Superfoods, Greens and Ayurvedic Herbs. It helps to Detox & Cleanse, boost Energy, better Digestion and Brain & Heart Health which improves overall immunity. With a solid, well balanced formulation and premium quality ingredients, OZiva Superfood Greens & Herbs is something that can be had by your entire family irrespective of the age.


At OZiva, we're committed to supporting every single person who wants to be a better version of themselves - because we firmly believe there's more to everyone. As you move ahead in your journey of #aBetterYou, we want to ensure that you achieve the best fitness, physically & mentally, with High Quality Clean Nutrition - the one that your body truly deserves.