Lavenza- Skin Clarifying Detox Face Mask (Organic Moringa & Chamomile)

by Lavenza

Our face masks are 100% Natural and Preservative free with NO additives or fillers.

The blend of ORGANIC certified Green clay, enriched with Organic Moringa, Hemp seed and soothing Chamomile flowers helps in gently drawing deep-lying dirt, excess oils and pollutants for fresh and glowing skin. Its alkaline content corrects imbalances and neutralizes the skin tone.
Enriched with Super hydrating Colloidal oats help in gentle scrubbing (idle for even sensitive skin) to stimulate the blood circulation for soaking up nutrients & antioxidants while hydrating your skin.

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Take one teaspoon, Mix with rose water/ yogurt (Oily to Combination Skin) / milk (dry skin) to form a paste, apply on face and neck, gently massage while rinsing after 4-5 minutes.
You can also mix this with tomato juice for added benefits in improving skin tone.

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Lavenza was founded in 2018 to cut through the noise of elaborate and tedious skincare regimes. At Lavenza we believe in keeping things simple. The simplicity of our skincare creation combines seamlessly with the idea of crafting multitasking essentials so that you can do more with less