Corkiza- Classic Backpack

by Corkiza

Our Classic backpack is made with a combination of canvas and cork fabric.

A staple of quality and attention to detail, our product  features premium canvas, resilient to wear and tear, poly cotton inner lining and design elements with premium cork fabric.

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The padded cotton lining inside protects all your belongings from scratches or handling. Be it for school, college or traveling will be your perfect companion for a long time.

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Corkiza is a creative blend of ethics, sustainability and passion.

In our present times riddled with environmental challenges, there is nothing more thoughtful than being Eco-conscious. At Corkiza, we believe in fashion that is ethical, sustainable and exudes panache, while being devoid of brutality against animals. Cork fabric is the right answer to it.
At Corkiza, we create products that ooze compassion and happiness.