LiveYum-Cheddar Cheese Shreds

by Live Yum

Live Yum’s cheddar style shreds are smooth and balanced, yet indulgent. This 100% plant-based and allergen-free cheese replicates the richness of its dairy counterpart. Use it generously as you would in any dish calling for melted cheddar – like creamy mac ‘n’ cheese or loaded nachos!

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1) Made with the highest quality ingredients, Live Yum’s cheddar style is only 92kCal per serving and has 0 cholesterol and trans fat, making it a healthier option as compared to other cheese in the market.

Additional information

Product Brand

Live Yum

Live Yum is a company making food with a purpose. Live Yum was founded to make plant-based eating in India more affordable, accessible and delicious!

Live Yum was founded by Bangalore born Indian female entrepreneur Taanya Ravi. Growing up, Taanya was a championship level badminton player, and beat Olympian P.V. Sindhu the two times they played.