Verdure-Brazen Grit

by Verdure


Brazen as its name suggests reflects boldness blending elegance with modern touch. The top notes are enhanced by woody chords of patchouli, surrounded by citrusy juice of Grape fruit, which create a feeling of freshness, fizziness and energy.

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The powerful blend, loaded with optimism, is hardened by woody notes of Guaiac wood. The Bay Leaf is also added to this citrusy-woody union making it warm and creamy.

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'Verdure' has its origins from French, which means lush green! Verdure is green, not just by glossary but green in it's objective, over and above being a complete 'Vegan - 100% Cruelty Free' without costing you a mint.
At Verdure, we think beauty is timeless & classic, especially when it is green in every way - not just having it's origin from nature, but exalting natural beauty by condensing natural fragrances to make you feel gorgeous.