Verdure-Amber Rust

by Verdure


Tapping almost a bunch of accords, this aromatic appeal of Citruses & Floral being delicious and crisp is as if the natural world is embracing the skin, the subsiding tide of sappy-green from various fruits gives way to feelings of happy solace.

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The perfume concludes with the notes of Amber which reflects that strong personality within you!

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'Verdure' has its origins from French, which means lush green! Verdure is green, not just by glossary but green in it's objective, over and above being a complete 'Vegan - 100% Cruelty Free' without costing you a mint.
At Verdure, we think beauty is timeless & classic, especially when it is green in every way - not just having it's origin from nature, but exalting natural beauty by condensing natural fragrances to make you feel gorgeous.