Kocoatrait-64% Sukku Coffee

by Cocoatrait

The Kocoatrait Bean to Bar 64% Sukku Coffee Dark Bean to Bar Chocolate is made from Organic Cocoa beans of Indian origin and infused with natural spices used in the Sukku Malli Coffee Recipe! No Oils or artificial flavours used! Sukku is the tamil term for Dry Ginger which is supposed to have significant medicinal qualities. The Sukku Coffee mix of herbs & spices are considered a very effective home remedy in Tamil households. It is believed to help in better digestion, reduces cough and headaches. This bar also promises a warm and nostalgically inclined experience. We wish you enjoy this experience.

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There are other flavors available on their official website.

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Advanced Motor Care is the holding company of Cocoatrait which was founded by L Nitin Chordia. Nitin is India’s 1st and only certified chocolate taster. Cocoatrait is an initiative to bring the best fine chocolates to consumers in India for their appreciation. Cocoatrait represents Indian chocolates across the globe and is involved in promotion of fine chocolates across India and the globe