Ketoculture-60% Cacao (Sugar Free) – Toasted Coconut Chip Dark Chocolate Stevia

by Keto Culture

Made with Organic Cacao beans and Cocoa Butter sourced from our Plantation in Wayanad, Kerala; Sweetened with Stevia; Strengthened with Raw, Hormone-free, Lactose free , Plant Protein.Now enjoy the taste of Real toasted Coconut perfectly balance with chocolate which is High in Protein, Low in Carbs and packed with Healthy Fats. The Coconut is dehydrated in house into coconut chips to give it a perfect flavor and a crunch

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Eat sugar-free, live guilt-free ! Our stevia sweetened chocolate exudes the beautiful flavor & texture with no bitter after-taste. Stevia is a natural sweetener with zero calories & no impact on blood sugar level.

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Keto Culture

Chocolates have been synonymous to being a 'sinful pleasure'. Over the years we have been told that chocolate is unhealthy, artificial and is only to be consumed in moderate quantities.The sugar-free chocolates in the market are either too bitter & tasteless or have artificial sweeteners like maltitol. The ones claiming sugar-free have corn syrup, jaggery or honey which is still SUGAR.

​This got us thinking, what if there is more to chocolate ? We were not willing to give up on this enticing indulgence just because it was created to be eaten on a cheat day or is 'supposed' to taste bitter. Our journey took us to Indonesia, Ivory cost completing the full circle to our farm in Wayanad, Kerela, India. We learnt a lot about the farming in our country and also learnt that Chocolate is healthy.